How Much Do We Love Our Volunteers?!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Rescue missions like this would not be possible without volunteers like Lorence.

Lorence Triplett was introduced to us at Rescue Foodie by Meghan McDonnell.  Lorence planned a trip to Saskatoon for the holidays and volunteered to take much needed supplies to our Northern friends at Northern Critters in Need.  Not only did he fill every nook of his car with food and supplies, Lorence volunteered to return to Toronto with a pup....well, a 80lb pup! 

We are so grateful for volunteers like Lorence, it is of course difficult for us to reach supplies up North in the winter, a time when it is needed most. 

This beautiful boy, Perseus is now safe and warm.  He will be cared for by the loving team at EHS and will soon be available for adoption.  Regardless of coming from a hard life in Northern Ontario, he is affectionate and intelligent.  He really just wants to be cuddled!  Perseus will make a wonderful addition to someone's family.

Again, thank you Lorence and Meghan for your support.  It's people like you that truly make a difference.

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