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Every donation helps fund the transport of food and supplies to animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries across Ontario.


Great things continue to happen with the support and concern of people like you. Rescue Foodie is volunteer-run with a mission to help animals in need, right here in Ontario.  


If you'd prefer, you can also e-transfer a donation to us:


Pounds of food delivered 


 Animals rescued 

As we travel into remote locations with much needed supplies, we strive to support the welfare of animals, often returning to Toronto with cats and/or dogs in need of medical attention and a loving home. 

Our wonderful partners at Etobicoke, Toronto and Aliston Humane societies and Finding Them Homes (to name a few) help us find forever homes for our new friends.

With large donations of food from partners like Pet Smart, we have been able to deliver over 1 million pounds of cat and dog food to rescues and shelters across Ontario.


We also organize spay and neuter clinics when requested by communities with growing (homeless) animal populations.

Support our food delivery program

100% of every dollar received funds the regular purchase and delivery of food to Rescue Foodie approved shelters, rescues and foster organizations.

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Northern mission

100% of every dollar received funds our Northern missions.

This includes spay/neuter clinics, supplies delivery to remote communities and animals-in-need extractions.

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